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Vocal Coach

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“The principal elements which I base my lessons on are  JOY, EXPLORATION, and DISCIPLINE.

Constantly training one's vocal abilities can become tiring and boring.  As a result of this, during my lessons, I try to let pupils rediscover the pure joy of singing with a calm soul and the readiness to work. I focus attention on the control of involuntary body movements and physical tension,  which are often products of emotional blockages, and I try to fire up the singer's curiosity about themselves. By gaining awareness and knowledge of oneself, both physical and emotional, the singer can learn to control their own body and operate it with appreciation. This method dramatically helps someone to interpret a role they are studying and allows the singer to move with agility on the stage. When training my pupils, I advise them to take care of their diet and look after their image,  as the world of work always requires you to present the best version of yourself."

                                                                                                                         Claudia Toti Lombardozzi

Claudia Toti Lombardozzi is a vocal coach and Opera show producer whose life is dedicated to Opera and classical music, and studying and performing as a Soprano throughout the world.
The Enrico Toti association, founded and managed by Claudia, holds numerous auditions each 
year aimed at finding new vocal talents for her artistic productions.
Claudia's lessons are focused on pupils becoming aware of their skills, both as performers and as individuals. The lessons are ideal for young Opera singers beginning their artistic journey. Claudia's method (also suitable for actors and performers in general) blends the perfection of singing techniques with physical relaxation exercises and motivational training; tools which are fundamental for expressing oneself with freedom and awareness.

 Outstanding pupils from the Claudia Toti Lombardozzi school become part of the young artists of the Enrico Toti association and are heavily involved in musical and theatrical shows and concerts during each season.

Please write to our staff or call +39 392 855 44 11 to inquire about private lessons, auditions,  or about forthcoming events from the Enrico Toti association.

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