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The Enrico Toti Association and artistic productions

Ever since she was a child, Claudia Toti (great niece of Enrico Toti) has been inspired by
her great uncle marksman. As a young man Enrico was involved in a tragic accident at
work while repairing a locomotive and had to have his left leg amputated until just below
the waist. However this incident did not crush his soul and he travelled the world using a
specially adapted bicycle he had modified. He went on to become noteworthy in various
sporting disciplines. He also performed bicycle acrobatics in theatres all over Italy and
abroad until he died on the battlefield, 6th August 1916. On that fateful day he did
something which made him the legend he is today. He threw his crutch, which had
supported him since his accident, towards the enemy's army. For this courageous act he
earned the gold medal of honour in the Italian military on 4th December 1916.

In February 2015 the Toti sisters founded a new association dedicated to their great
uncle presided by Claudia. The aim being, to promote cultural activities to encourage
public participation and both civil and social commitment of citizens. At the centre of
attention is study, research, debates, editorial initiatives, training and promotion, with
particular attention to the value of history and traditions. Since its birth, the association
has produced concerts, shows, exhibitions and cultural events all over Italy.

For all information including events please visit the official website of the Enrico Toti

Every year the The Enrico Toti Association organises “The Enrico Toti award”. The aim of
the prize is to recognize and promote people who have distinguished themselves in their
particular areas by characterizing the life and adventures of Enrico Toti: “Art and Show”,
“Ingenuity and Inventiveness”, “Travel and Exploration”, “Sport”, “Military Art”.

Every year, in occasion of the Enrico Toti award, Claudia Toti Lombardozzi establishes 4
scholarships for young Opera singers aimed at preparing the Opera concert for the
awards ceremony.

Among the most important productions of Claudia Toti Lombardozzi is the event "Vincerò, Opera inspires". An event that sees in a single evening performances of Opera,
Painting, Food and Wine, dedicated to “Made in Italy” and Italian excellence. 4
scholarships for young Opera singers are established also during this event by Claudia
Toti, together with the Enrico Toti Association.

Among the productions of the Enrico Toti Association theatrical shows appear with the
inevitable contribution of live music such as “Versus - The great challenges of music
history”, “The extraordinary life of Enrico Toti”, both written and directed by Yuri Napoli.
Each year the Enrico Toti Association organises a Christmas concert with the best pupils
of Claudia Toti Lombardozzi.

Among the artists and groups who have collaborated in the musical and theatrical
productions of Claudia Toti Lombardozzi are the following:

M° Lorenzo Porzio
M° JuHee Lee
M° Stephen Kramer
M° Antonella Bona
The Italian Army band
The Italian Navy band
Associazione Roma Classica
Imprenditori di Sogni
M° Vincenzo Baglio
M° Gaia Vazzoler
M° Marco Valerio Marletta
Associazione Tito Gobbi

Cecilia Gobbi
Franco Ciambella
Umberto Foddis
Ciampi Pianoforti

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