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"Il tuo Canto Libero" is a Masterclass designed and led by soprano Claudia Toti Lombardozzi for advanced young Opera singers aged between 18 and 25. It is for students who already have a knowledge of the techniques of singing, but who need to rid themselves on stage of the muscle tension generated by social and cultural conditioning that can suppress the natural flow of their voice along with the harmonious accomplishment of their movements. The seminar starts with the aim of improving their voice, providing each student with the tools to refine their techniques, strengthen their communicative intensity and their ability to interpret the roles that they are given. The seminar works by channeling the young artists’ positive energy and emotions, enabling them to acquire knowledge and mastery of their physical and vocal instrument in the space around them and thus on stage. The program includes postural exercises, relaxation, meditation, interpretation of the sung text and interaction with the audience. It invites the student to reflect upon the motivation, the urgency and the need that each artist must have to perform and upon the required assertiveness to obtain the confidence needed on stage. Therefore, Opera is conceived as a modern means of communication through which aspiring professionals can externalize their passion and as an art form still able (perhaps more than any other artistic form) to represent the magnificence of the human soul.


In the splendid setting of Rome, the heart of the country of "bel canto", stimulated by the location and enhanced by the teaching program, students will rediscover the profound meaning of the concept of Beauty. They will be encouraged to express their artistic identity and to sing with the profound awareness that in Art "You are Opera!".


Italian Opera has always been considered an example of artistic excellence throughout the world; "Vincerò", has the ability of raising awareness of the italian language and cultural values among younger generations; it combines tradition and innovation and it encourages tourism in Rome and cultural exchanges with other foreign countries.



DATE: from Monday  16th september to friday 20th september 2016


LOCATION: Rome, Complesso dell'Ex Cartiera Latina, Via Appia Antica, 42.  


Possibility of pre agreed accommodation rates still available



Claudia Toti Lombardozzi

You can write to our staff for any information about seminars, concerts, private lessons etcetera. We Will answer as soon as possible.

Assistent: Arabella Kramer  


Assistent: Claudia Natale e Yuri Napoli – Imprenditori di Sogni 




The class can hold a maximum of fifteen (15) students. Those who are interested in participating can send their request before the fifteenth of May (Sunday) by filling out the specific form found on the site, including their curriculum or a presentation paper filled out by their teacher, a close up photo and full photo, a live video file of an aria and the titles of two opera arias they would like to work on during the course. These arias have to be sung in Italian or have to be by an Italian composer, the students must already know them by heart and must have them vocally and musically prepared before the beginning of the course. At the end of the course, the students will receive our certificate of attendance.






The lessons will be held in Rome, in the architectural complex of the “Ex Cartiera Latina” on the Via Appia Antica, number 42. The lessons with Maestro Stephen Kramer at the piano will be held in the “Sala Nagasawa” (“Nagasawa Hall”), while the lessons with Professor Claudia Toti Lombardozzi will be held in the “Sala Conferenze” (“Conference Hall”). The concert/event will be set between the “Sala Nagasawa”, the “Sala Appia” (“Appia Hall”) and their outdoor areas.




“Vincerò” is a seven day specialization course which includes:

Four (4) days for lessons

One (1) day for the concert/event

One (1) day for sightseeing in the City of Rome




From Monday to Friday: individual lessons and group activities

On the 16th of september: concert/event sung by the students and open to the public among the main event at PORTA PIA in Roma for public celebration of "Presa di Porta Pia" one of the most important event in the city of Rome.





.The lessons will be held from Monday to Friday and will begin at nine o’clock a.m. and end at six o’clock p.m.

.The lunch brake will take place between one o’clock p.m. and two o’clock p.m. and between two o’clock p.m. and three o’clock p.m. in a beautiful and treed outdoor area

.The time of the convocation for the concert/event will be decided by Professor Claudia Toti Lombardozzi during the seminar.


Professor Claudia Toti Lombardozzi highly recommends the City tour even though it is not obligatory, as it is a very important part of the student’s training

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