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The Enterpriser

Granddaughter of musicians and entrepreneurs, the great-granddaughter of Enrico Toti retains the DNA gene of curiosity and research. The father of Claudia Toti Lombardozzi, Fabrizio, has distinguished himself as a child for his unstoppable desire for discovery, desire that allowed him to express himself through drawing, painting, sculpture, woodworking, music, sports and pharmacy. Fabrizio Toti Lombardozzi, in his life has done many different jobs (from printer to pilot) and currently has assets of 50 inventions and 15 patents registered, including the dermatological soap TOLOF-41 and the special spaghetti fork. Her mother, Grazia Rita Nardone, has dedicated her life to social issues and is the head of the “Associazione italiana parkinsoniani in Roma”, which deals with informing the citizens of the rights of patients affected by this disease. At the age of nineteen, Claudia attended the “Unione Giovani Industriali di Roma e del Lazio (UIR)” (“Union of Young Industrialists of Rome and Lazio”), with the intention of contributing to the increase of opportunities for growth and exchange between the various companies in the area.

In 2003, together with her sisters, Livia, Valeria and Flavia, she founded the “Mehfil Association” with which she organizes artistic and cultural events in prestigious places of the capital, including the Concerts at the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella, at the National Museum of Musical Instruments, at the "Caffè Letterario delle Donne" (“Women’s Literary Cafè”) and at the historical Caffè Greco, in Via Condotti in Rome. She is currently working in the family business management and in the promotion of her fathers' inventions. She is the founder and president of the “Associazione Enrico Toti” with which she promotes artistic events of national and international character.

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